Citizen Science Survey Locations

This interactive map shows the locations (red dots) of information collected by citizen scientists using the Survey123 application on a tablet or cell phone. As more people participate the map display will fill with more points.
The map will update within a short time of submitting the data – get involved and see where you and others have surveyed! Pan and Zoom the map to a location and then click on a point and see the information you’ve collected!

Other Maps that describe the region and the Collaborative.

Satellite imagery of The Great Lakes basin

Karol & Sleith; Discovery of the oldest record of Nitellopsis obtusa in North America; 2017

The first known locations of Starry Stonewort in the United States – St. Lawrence River, NY

Locations of Expert Panelists and Collaborators In the Great Lakes basin

Known locations of Starry Stonewort in the Great Lakes basin as of February, 2019

Locations of Collaborators and Expert Panelists and known Starry Stonewort locations.